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Changing Things Up

After Marlo was born, the idea of me being home with the kids kept creeping into my head. I enjoy making money and supporting my family and to make a decision like that wasn’t something I took lightly. “Could I deal with kids 24/7?” I’d constantly ask. But the real question I was asking myself read more »

The Last Few Weeks

I’ve apparently forgotten I’m having a child in the next few weeks (or, eeek, sooner!) because I keep piling projects on my plate at work. At first I told myself I just needed to get through this weekend. I’m planning an event that I requested be moved up a week since I would be full-term read more »

36 Weeks

As with anything you do a second time, time flies. Having fun? Maybe. The second pregnancy is mostly the same but it has its challenges. The obvious difference is having an almost 4 year old climbing on me when I want to nap on the couch. So last night, I let him watch 2 episodes read more »

Three Years

I was recognized this week for working here three years. That’s the longest I’ve worked somewhere that wasn’t school. My usual thing to feel after TWO years at any place is anger, frustration, stress, boredom, blah, blah, you get the idea. But here, I haven’t felt that. Sure there have been frustrating days. Anger at read more »

Busy Boy

He’s busy these days (no idea with what, but he’s ALWAYS walking around like he’s got things to do).

What I Did

I know I’m late posting a 14 month update on baby Jules. We were out of town and I’ve been busy. He’s doing so much, he really needs a monthly update. Coming soon, friends 🙂 On Friday, I happened to see a show call What Would You Do? on ABC. Basically, what would you do read more »

I Appreciate What You’re Saying… But

I am, by no means, super attractive (please don’t tell me otherwise, I’m ok with the way I look – not that I expect anyone to object to that.). Just an average girl trying to do what she can with the face and body given to her. I like to keep things simple with hair read more »