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What Happened Over Christmas

1. Found out my Wii Fit age is 44. Not good, even if I wasn’t pregnant. Didn’t I just run a half marathon? Wait, that was a year ago. 2. Ate lots of potatoes. 3. Drove 6 hours to Nebraska where dinner was waiting for me. 4. Sober the entire Holiday.5. Was bombarded by a read more »


On so many levels. I fail because I haven’t posted since, when? Friday? FAIL. Busy weekend as usual but no excuse not to post especially since I was on the computer for 4 hours on Saturday trying to get work done. Silly Car fails too. Justin and I must be jinxed with this move to read more »

The 21st Century Strikes Again…Again

Back when I wrote this post it was true. Apparently, it’s true again. Remember, we parked the Silly Car away for the winter. The plan was to get in sometime in April or May and rely on Justin’s newer car, the subie. Apparently, his car is so modified that the computer (the brains of the read more »

The 21st Century Strikes Again

Just got home, too tired to write, but it’s silly, stupid, drama, dumb, the usual. More later.


Phew! Now that the cats outta the bag, I can officially talk about anything. But, not baby related today. I like this 30-day challenge. There’s tons of goodies to talk about in December. I just can’t seem to get my act together on the weekends. This weekend was hard. Apparently you really shouldn’t sleep on read more »

Who Saw This Coming?

(Whoa! Is my spine gonna look like that??) Just like when Justin helped with Scully’s Halloween costume, he helped with this project. I had my genetic screening done last week. It’s an ultrasound and blood work. I got to see the baby for a good 45 minutes. We must have woken baby up because he/she read more »

Too Much for One Day

I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t blog. Seriously busy from the moment I woke up til my head hit the pillow. That busy. I had a Doctors appointment up “north” and since we were down one car and Justin had client meetings all morning, I had to take the bus. But first, I had read more »