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Christmas Tree 2008

We took a family trip up north (Justin laughs at me when I say that. We weren’t that far north.) to pick out our Christmas tree over the weekend. It was cold (seven degrees) and we really should have been bundled up like the little ones. We won’t make that mistake again. Trying to warm read more »


Dudes, someone came to my blog looking for “Min Pin Leg Warmers”. Seriously, that is cracking me up today! Maybe there’s a market for it? I do know how to sew and I do have a min pin. I wonder…

What Buyers Aren’t Looking For

We are still looking for a house. It’s very frustrating for numerous reasons but, what really ticks me off are the descriptions and photos online. (in all caps of course)“Adorable paint!”Seriously? Paint is adorable? It’s just a color. Sometimes the choice of color is NICE, but never adorable. Adults shouldn’t try to sell something to read more »


Only one week in and I miss a day. But with good reason! Sunday’s are my “do not do anything” day and that includes getting on the computer. Actually, I’m glad December is the month to do this challenge because there is ALWAYS something going on. Including things on my “do not do anything” day. read more »

Nowthen Minnesota

Yes, I’m actually on the computer on the weekend. It’s hard for me to believe too. Anyway… Tonight, we had dinner in a town called Nowthen. I’m not kidding. Nowthen was the name of this super small Minnesota town. I had the Nowthen Melt (turkey, ham, cream cheese with dijon mustard, pannini style) and it read more »

Leg Warmers Anyone?

If you’re like me, you buy gifts for your pet during the Holiday’s. She’s part of the family and loves to get anything new. I could whip out a toy she hasn’t seen in a year and she’s totally happy and thrilled to have it back in her life. But if you’re not sure what read more »


It was bound to happen. But once you have something in your life for so long, it’s hard to think of the time that might come when they aren’t. Belle (of the Marshlands) joined our family my Freshman year of High School (more like, the end of my Freshman year of High School). She was read more »