Only one week in and I miss a day. But with good reason! Sunday’s are my “do not do anything” day and that includes getting on the computer. Actually, I’m glad December is the month to do this challenge because there is ALWAYS something going on. Including things on my “do not do anything” day. (So I’m going to label this post as Sunday to keep up with everyone else. I know it’s cheating, but I’m only cheating myself, right?)

But I don’t want to talk about Sunday until I can unload the photos to show all the fun we had picking out our Christmas tree when it was seven degrees at 10 am, kids. Seven! I really don’t want my blog to become a weather report for all of my non-Minnesota readers, but for a newbie like me, these temps are killing us. Justin actually said he’d like to move back to (wait for it…) Salt Lake! Not Las Vegas, but Salt Lake City! This cold must have knocked the sense out of him because he was itching to leave SLC the moment he got there.

Maybe we just need to be winterized and then we’ll survive and live happily ever after.

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