Nowthen Minnesota

Yes, I’m actually on the computer on the weekend. It’s hard for me to believe too. Anyway…

Tonight, we had dinner in a town called Nowthen. I’m not kidding. Nowthen was the name of this super small Minnesota town. I had the Nowthen Melt (turkey, ham, cream cheese with dijon mustard, pannini style) and it was good. There’s not much in Nowthen. But I do recommend the Nowthen Melt.

Oh, it was also five degrees in Nowthen. Five degrees kids. But I’ve found that once you get lower than 20 degrees, you can’t really tell the difference between 20 and five.

Justin’s Aunt and Uncle live there. That’s where we parked the Silly Car for the winter. We got it washed, dried, covered and stored until April or May of next year.

Have fun Silly Car in Nowthen. Try the melt!


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