Marlo at 24 Months

Two years went by so, so fast little one. You’re still my baby but how grown up you are. You run around with pigtails and tennis shoes, chasing your brother like you’re 10 years old. I’ll blink and you’ll be 10 soon enough but for now… stay my little 2 year old for a while.


I thought you might break 20 pounds at your appointment. You didn’t. But you did grow an inch and a half. You have long legs like your dad. You’re still not on the scale for averages, still very petite. You finally fit perfectly in 12 month clothes and 18 month are a bit big. But you are perfect!

2015-05-07 20.12.47

You’ve always had beautiful nails however, you don’t let me cut them. Even as a newborn, your nails were beautiful. They get long and sharp and I have to wrestle you in the bath to cut them. Same with your toes. One day you’ll let me paint them and I can’t wait for that!

2015-05-07 20.01.02

You’re new thing is to cuddle when being carried and say “I yuv you.” You got a Mickey Mouse giggle doll for your birthday and you pretend he’s tired so you cuddle him and say “I yuv you” and then point out all of his features. Nose, mouth, pants, shoes. He’s kinda your best friend right now. You also got a new baby doll and you carry around and say “baby cry. waaaa waaaa.” and pretend it’s crying. It’s really cute.

2015-05-07 20.11.23

You don’t say “yes” when I ask you if you want something. I’ll say, “do you want some cheese?” “ok, mommy.” And “thank you’s” and “you’re welcome’s” are backwards. I’ll hand you something and you say “you’re welcome, Marmo!” then you say “thank you!” So we’re working on switching them. But at least you say it. (You can’t say “L’s” so when you say your name it’s “Marmo.)

2015-05-29 09.49.56

The photo above shows a forehead bruise and a scrape on your nose. It’s pretty standard lately since you’ve only been walking for a few months. You’re still getting the hang of it but you are quite the tough little girl. Sometimes it doesn’t even phase you.

Marlo, our first 2 years together have been a joy. Jules loves you. Daddy loves you. I love you and I’m so grateful you’re my daughter.

2013-06-04 06.37.20



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