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What I Did This Weekend

My opinions – offended by what I say? Meh, move along then. Instead of going over every show that was amazing (or not), I’m just going to give a rundown of the weekend. Isn’t that what I do every year? I’m too lazy to look back. I’ve had little sleep and my brain is overwhelmed read more »

January Burns

Since moving to Minnesota, I knew that January would be a difficult month when it came to weather. Actually, it’s January through May with February or March being the really difficult months. It’s spring, and snow is still falling. That’s hard to swallow when all your friends in ALL THE OTHER STATES are out having read more »

In That I Have Nothing to Say

Really, nothing since December? Sad, but actually a lot has happened. Maybe it was the post-holiday blues or the amount of eating that has me now 10 lbs heavier (suuuuuucks), but I just didn’t feel like anything was worth writing about. Wait, now that I think about it. It’s the month of January. Does it read more »

11 Months

Baby Jules, you turned eleven months in London! This month you have mastered a bunch of new skills! Motion! It really happened after you turned 10 months but it was mostly an army crawl. Now, you crawl. FOR.REALS. I feel bad when I call you like a dog, but you do follow me. It’s cute. read more »

It’s Been a While

Let’s have some updates, shall we? – We’re buying Jules a convertible car seat. But we’re waiting til he’s a year old before we use it. 1 year AND 20lbs. is the rule and we’re following rules. – Minnesota is WARMING UP and it’s GREAT! I weeded my garden but I still need to finish read more »


We’re heading to Duluth this weekend. I know, super exciting. Actually, it is. I’ve never been and if Justin has, it’s been more than a decade (we’re old enough now to measure in terms of decades). Really, the reasons I want to go are 1)I’m still new to Minnesota and want to explore 2) we read more »

Road Trip

Since I’ve taken the attitude that my maternity leave is really a vacation, we decided to go on one! We drove to Utah with a stop in Nebraska to visit my brother and sister-in-law (and kids). My niece wanted to hold him all the time. But her mom wouldn’t share. Can’t say I blame her! read more »