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So that last post? Yeah, little did I know it was my last day of being pregnant. My water broke early Friday morning, but with everything else going on (too many gross details to explain), I didn’t really realize what it was. At my Doctor’s appointment that afternoon, she confirmed they did and that I read more »

Still Here, Still Pregnant

But Justin seems to think today will be the day based on all the “early signs” I’ve been having. I’ve been home pretty much all week from work, but still working from home. Which is good and bad. Good: I get a lot of shows and work done. Bad: I can nap at any time read more »

Labor & Delivery: Round 1

Sent home much to my happiness because I have not done the following: – packed a hospital bag – made a going home outfit for baby – finished my work for work – finished my thank you cards from my baby showers – finalized a name for baby – installed the car seat base in read more »

38 Weeks

My little mintop has come in so handy. I can post from any place – you know, like a laptop but without the weight and heat because, really, that’s the last thing I need. Anyway…Welcome to my 38th week of pregnancy! Now in the middle of it, I’m bigger, getting more uncomfortable, sleep is apparently read more »

The Wait is Over!!!!

Internet, It’s been a long wait, but I’d like to introduce you to my new little baby*: MINTOP! Delivered: Yesterday, May 28th Weight: Around 3lbs (so cute!) Dimensions: 10″ (so tiny!) Aren’t we cute?? And aren’t these cute?? Chubby feet that got bigger in the span of 15 minutes while waiting for Justin to pick read more »

Teh Pimp

Justin’s new toy. Until baby arrives.

Don’t Call Me Crazy, Please

I don’t have a car seat, but I’ve got diapers covered. (I know I can’t leave the hospital without a car seat, don’t worry, I plan on getting one very soon. Yes, talk about waiting til the last minute.) We’re going to try out the new cloth diapers. Apparently, these things aren’t like what our read more »