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Went to DCI and All I Got Was a Gas Card

Well, I’m going to DCI but I already got the gas card. They must be really hurting in ticket sales because they were offering a few different promotions. Buy finals tickets, get a $25 gas card AND a cd of your choice (I picked 2008, thank you), free finals tickets to 2009 age-outs, and some read more »

DCI Recap

Justin, Jules and I headed to Indianapolis last weekend for DCI. It was Jules’ first flight and he did great. Our little traveler too small for his stroller. While the venue was great…for football, it wasn’t ideal for Drum Corps. We took Jules to Quarter finals. He watched the back of his eye lids for read more »

1st Drum Corps Show

We took Jules to the Stillwater show last weekend. Honestly, we thought we wouldn’t make it to any shows this year because of when he was due. But, we made it to Stillwater. Turns out it was the first show of the season because the night before was rained out. Regiment horn arc during warm-up. read more »

Many updates or post with no direction

Update on the house situation: It’ll be a while. I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not going to post about it. But I do want to say, that I’ll have my own sewing room if we get it! (this sucker has 4 bedrooms, and last time I counted, there’s only 2 of us.) read more »

______________ Economics?

I like my long hair. But you can’t do much styling with long hair. The last time I got it cut, which wasn’t that long ago, it was layered and I could part it with a nice side sweep. But my hair grows like weeds. So now it’s just long again. Nothing awesome. I want read more »


I’m sorry to the person who came across my blog looking for that meaning. You’ll never find it online unless you join Phantom Regiment. I’m not even sure if the staff know unless they are alumni.

They are Spartacus

Madison has new uniforms, I zoned out during Cavies, I drunk dialed Tony and Justin, Regiment didn’t win. It was almost a repeat of last years Show of Shows except for one thing… This sure does look familiar. Ours shields and uniforms were white and we had big sheets at the end of those sticks. read more »