Marlo at 23 Months

You’re hair is longer, you’re a bit taller, you speak like a 3 year old and now you run all over the place. What else is there? Lots actually. You are constantly adding new words and sometimes we understand them and other times we don’t so you start to scream and cry until we understand. You still sign a some words but not as much anymore. We need to keep it up because there are somethings you just can’t explain yet.

2015-04-04 11.35.34

2015-04-04 11.29.23

The morning routine is: Wake up and eat breakfast with dad and Jules while I shower. Dad takes Jules to school and you play while I eat or have coffee. The second dad comes in the house you yell, “JUZ?!” And we say, “No, Jules is at school.” We always laugh because it’s seriously every morning.

2015-04-08 11.05.16

You’re liking Mickey Mouse and ditching Daniel Tiger some. You are really getting into Thomas the train, which lord help me if I can handle another 5 years of this. So I’m embracing you liking other things.

You love books and you love to eat them so you can’t have a book in bed with you anymore. Too many of the board books all now have chewed on corners. I’ll get you out of bed and you’ll say, “Eat book.”

“NO eating books!” I have to say. But, you still love them, bringing them to us all the time to read. You have to have a blanket on your lap when we read one. Once we’re done with a book you grab it and throw it to the ground and find another one. Your room has books all over the floor.

2015-04-22 10.48.13

You say “NO” often and “Mine” which Jules never said growing up. He didn’t have an older brother telling him those things.

Only one more month left and you’ll be two!


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