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Gotta Love Twitter Spam

Because I don’t tweet very often, when I do, I must show up on the “sucker” list because I get these gems every once in a while. I was generally curious if they did use protection. I also want to know if this guy will end up on The Maury Show. I can image the read more »

Truth (hurts) in Advertising

On my way into work I pass many billboards. Most are extremely annoying in one way or another. Too flashy, too wordy, doesn’t make sense no matter how many times I see it, etc. But some, downright fail. Take this from US Bank’s new Mobile Campaign Billboard. (I couldn’t find the actual ad online, so read more »

I am a Marketing Specialist Specializing in Travel Arrangements

Maybe today is “write about your work” day because over at Writinggal, she wrote about her past experience in an office. Luckily, she doesn’t have to deal with dressing up when clients come to the office anymore. Or dealing with car pick-up problems with said clients. Or make sure clients get their breakfast and lunch read more »