I am a Marketing Specialist Specializing in Travel Arrangements

Maybe today is “write about your work” day because over at Writinggal, she wrote about her past experience in an office. Luckily, she doesn’t have to deal with dressing up when clients come to the office anymore. Or dealing with car pick-up problems with said clients. Or make sure clients get their breakfast and lunch and then their ride back to the airport. That seems to be my job ever since my company had our annual conference 3 weeks ago. That explains my lack of posts over the last two months.

In August I was asked to help with the conference by making all the travel arrangements. I was super excited. Finally I was going to do the job I was paid for; Marketing. Well on the bottom end of it. I didn’t have to do all the planning and marketing materials that my boss had to do. I just did the travel arrangements. Oh and this was for 160 people. So ya, I was busy for 2 months. Booking flights, hotel, car service which always seems to be a fiasco. But for some reason that’s the easy part – booking it. When the time comes for it to all come together, that’s when it’ll fall apart.

I really shouldn’t judge myself so hard because everything actually went well. I was a mad woman for 3 days during this event. Everyone remembered me smiling, saying “hi,” “what do you need,” “I can do that for you,” running around causing my bunions to hurt. But I got the job done no matter how hectic it was. It was almost like my days at Lone Star Steak House. But I didn’t go home each night smelling like steak. The level of responsibility might have been too much for me. Because I got sick about a week later.

I thought I was done with it until today. Once again I was asked to take care of travel arrangements for about 10 people. Easy! But I should have known better. Actually the only thing that went wrong was the car was late picking up the guys. But they made it in time and all got fed and sent back home. One guy asked me what my official title was. “Marketing Specialist” I think he was looking for “Secretary” with all the arrangements I’ve been doing.

With our upcoming trip out of the country, I’m doing my own travel arrangements. Hotel, airfare, transportation but Justin will be my only client and I think I can smile at him all day long… but my bunions will still hurt.


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