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Racquetball is Not Tennis

Did I mention I’m taking tennis lessons? This was my attempt at saying, “suck it junior high tennis coach, I’ll show you I can play tennis!” because yeah, I tried out for the team and clearly couldn’t play. (20+ years later and getting my revenge!) Tennis is big on my mom’s side of the family read more »

Cabin 2014

We had a couple of firsts at the cabin this year. First, Marlo sat in sand and decided you must eat what you sit on. She ate sand and loved it. Next, since I was with the previous generation (re: my in-laws and their friends) they were making manhattans. And since I’m on a Mad read more »

Summer of Documentary Watching Pt. 2

Without further ado…here’s part two. Forks Over Knives – This looks at the obesity epidemic with two food scientists and how their research proves that a plant-based diet is the key to a long healthy life. There were many “a-ha” moments, one of them being the link between calcium and osteoporosis. If dairy consumption is read more »

Summer of Documentary Watching

For the past two weeks (during the hottest parts of the day), I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. I’d grab my computer and browse the documentary category and load up my instant cue. Sometimes, I’d go through 3 docs in an afternoon. Some were meh, others lit a fire under me and a few read more »

Braces vs. Invisalign

Sometimes you get lucky enough to do things a second time. I wouldn’t really say I’m lucky to re-align my teeth again mostly because it’s expensive. But I like having the option that if it’s messed up, it can be fixed (with lots of money). So, as an adult who went through braces and now read more »

Extended Family

Everyone’s extended family is bonkers. So I thought I’d share why I think some of my extended family members are bonkers. Plus, it’s good blog fodder and I’m pregnant, so I tend to be a bit more snarky than normal. For example: I have a cousin, who for most of his life, was called one read more »

MBI and Me

When we first moved to Minnesota, we kicked around the idea of marching in Minnesota Brass, a senior Drum and Bugle Corps located in Minneapolis. We were childless, had the time and missed marching. But then we had Jules and the idea was pushed aside. Fast forward 3 years – we now have a toddler read more »