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Marlo at 24 Months

Two years went by so, so fast little one. You’re still my baby but how grown up you are. You run around with pigtails and tennis shoes, chasing your brother like you’re 10 years old. I’ll blink and you’ll be 10 soon enough but for now… stay my little 2 year old for a while. read more »

Marlo at 23 Months

You’re hair is longer, you’re a bit taller, you speak like a 3 year old and now you run all over the place. What else is there? Lots actually. You are constantly adding new words and sometimes we understand them and other times we don’t so you start to scream and cry until we understand. read more »

Marlo at 22 Months

You walk!!! Apparently, you’re a competitive one. Daddy took you to a birthday party where there was a room full of kids and balls. Since you love balls and there were only so many, you had to move fast to get one from the other kids. You realized scooting (as fast as you are) isn’t read more »

Marlo at 21 Months

I think I need to begin with your words. You have a lot of them. And you pick up more almost every day. You mimic pretty much what you hear. If I say “no way!” you’ll say something if not the same thing. Jules taught you how to say Wall-e but slow like he says read more »

Marlo at 20 Months

Christmas! You loved opening presents. But before we could, we had to feed you. You, Jules and dad have to eat the second you get out of bed. Totally annoying on Christmas morning, but we made it work. So to keep you occupied, we opened one of your gifts, a little people house. That kept read more »

Marlo at 19 Months

This month we drove to Texas for Thanksgiving. You did ok on the drive but after a couple hours, you were done. You and Jules made each other laugh and scream and you cried to watch Elmo for the 4th time. You were actually pretty good when a movie was on. We took plenty of read more »

Marlo at 18 Months

Your hops are now legendary. And you’ve finally taken your first, second and even third steps. But you still prefer to scoot/hop. You have a few new words: bow, no, yes, hat, shoes, socks, Elmo, up, snack (which is really “nack”) and bus. Your new signs are car and yogurt. You want a bath after read more »