Marlo at 18 Months

Your hops are now legendary.

And you’ve finally taken your first, second and even third steps. But you still prefer to scoot/hop.


You have a few new words: bow, no, yes, hat, shoes, socks, Elmo, up, snack (which is really “nack”) and bus. Your new signs are car and yogurt.

You want a bath after every meal and will end a meal early just to sign bath. I have to tell you “No. No bath right now.” or “We’ll take a bath later.”


You prefer to feed yourself and if I try to help, you scream and refuse to eat. You’re very independent but you do know when to ask for help.

Anything on wheels is a “shoo shoo” and your blanket is called a “nigh-nigh”. You’re getting back into the cuddly stage which I just love. Because, seriously, who doesn’t love a cuddly little girl?

You come up to the couch and say “up” and start to climb up. You’re too little to actually climb up but you still try. You will make the effort to climb on anything


For Halloween you were Curious George and Jules was The Man with the Yellow Hat. It was my second year of making 2 costumes.


At your 18-month appointment you officially weighed 16 pounds 12 oz! We were kinda surprised that you gained that much in 3 months but you do eat a pretty big breakfast. While your height and weight aren’t on the scale, your head finally showed up at 2%. Either way, you are on your own curve. Your 2 bottom molars are fully in and your smile looks different. It’s all teeth now. Let’s be honest. Your smile is even cuter now!

DSC_1857Brother – Juz- Still adores you and will even play with you. He still talks baby talk to you and tells you how cute you are. He’s such a good big brother.

One and a half years have flown by. Happy 18 months, Marlo!

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