Marlo at 19 Months

This month we drove to Texas for Thanksgiving. You did ok on the drive but after a couple hours, you were done. You and Jules made each other laugh and scream and you cried to watch Elmo for the 4th time. You were actually pretty good when a movie was on. We took plenty of breaks on the drive to make life easier for all of us.

2014-12-04 09.36.08

We were worried since the last time we stayed in a hotel you screamed the whole time. This time you would happily (and probably more relieved) go right to sleep and hardly cried.

Photo Nov 30, 4 36 56 PM

Jules using your carseat for a race track on our road trip.

You loved to play with Aunt Heathers dogs but they stayed away from you. You made yourself at home at her house, scooting all over the place. They’ll soon have to baby-proof their house for your new cousin coming.

Photo Nov 25, 10 24 01 AM

We all ended up getting sick while in Texas. You were one of the last ones to get sick. Thankfully it was at night and only lasted that night. You would cough and then throw-up. We’d clean you and your bed up and you’d fall back asleep. It really didn’t affect you too much, thankfully.

You’re getting more demanding of my attention. Basically, you’re a normal toddler. You want me to hold you while I’m making dinner. You scoot between my feet so I can’t move. So dad has to be done with work so I can get dinner done.

Lately we’re calling you Godzilla because you’ll destroy whatever Jules is playing with. Actually, you won’t destroy it, but you just want to play with him and his toys. He’s getting more vocal about letting you know he doesn’t want to share. Then you cry.

Photo Dec 05, 5 46 16 PM

Your new thing is to come up to the couch, throw your leg up and say “up?” You know how to turn around and slide down on the couch too. But you really love to just go up and down.

Photo Nov 23, 10 43 21 AM

You have a bunch of new words. It’s almost too many to list. But here are some: all done, wash, wa-wa (water), play, Jules. You still sign but you prefer to talk all the time.

We’re excited for your 2nd Christmas! Here’s to 19 months and counting!

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