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Fall 2013

Sexy Lunch Lady

We went to the Vikings game last Sunday (against GB). Since it was before Halloween, people were dressed up in costumes including the cheerleaders. Listen, I’m not opposed to them dressing up, but when they were ALL a sexy whatever character, the future for our daughters is doomed. Sure, I dressed up in somewhat inappropriate read more »

Shave the Alamo!

We like to think our costumes were a success. Justin did say all weekend that he thought it was the best idea yet. I do have to agree, even though some people at the party were like, “Sweeny Todd? Never seen it.” I whipped mine up in a few hours. I didn’t hem it because, read more »

I Do Make Stuff

Halloween. We finished the costumes for Scully and Skye last night. But not before we had to break up a dog fight (apparently the 2nd one for the day). Not sure what’s going on, but poor Scully had a bad day with Skye, ending up in her mouth again or shoved under the couch trying read more »

And the Winner is…

The top 4 ideas were: Bride and GroomBlack and TanChocolate and Peanut ButterRemember the Alamo The winning costume is: Remember the Alamo!! Scully as a Mexican Soldier and Skye as Davie Crocket. Due to the need for Skye’s parents to participate in the voting process (since they wanted say of what their dog was going read more »

Contest Time!

For the past 5 years at this time, Justin and I were always working on our Halloween costumes for the freaking fabulous Halloween party we’d go to. Sadly, not this year. And you know what? It stinks. No fun costume project to work on. No plans to surprise people or try to win contests or read more »

People’s Choice

Not a very flattering photo, but eh, I’m chubby from all angles. The annual Halloween party was great. Not too many embarrassing photos and no scandalise stories to report. Everyone was “smoking” candy cigarettes and gum cigars. My tray was handy for a drink and camera tray. Everyone was totally jealous of the convenience. As read more »