Shave the Alamo!

We like to think our costumes were a success. Justin did say all weekend that he thought it was the best idea yet. I do have to agree, even though some people at the party were like, “Sweeny Todd? Never seen it.”

I whipped mine up in a few hours. I didn’t hem it because, seriously, it’s a Halloween costume. I used a burn out stretchy fabric for the bodice and just wore a black shirt underneath. The party was in the hosts garage so it was a bit too cold for me (still not getting use to Minnesota. I know, I know, the winters will be nothing compared to this) so I had my jacket on all night. Except for pictures.

Look at our brave pups “Saving the Alamo!” More like, “Protecting our Pumpkins!”

Davie “Skye” Crockett and (this is totally not politically correct but there was no other way around it) her enemy in real life “Scully” Mexican Soldier. Really she’s supposed to be part of General Santa Ana’s army, but we based the whole costume around her hat.

Scully ready for action with her bullets. Good thing we didn’t give her a gun too.

Skye hated the hat. I guess it reminds her of the bunnies she’s always chasing in the yard.

They both lost the war protecting our pumpkins. They were stolen and smashed down the street. Minnesota hoodlums.


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