Cat Obsession

When I was younger, I tried to convince my mom to let me buy a kitten from a friend. Her mom bred Himalayan cats and they were the cutest little fur balls ever and I really wanted one.

Nope, we were a dog family. To this day, part of me wants a cat but having Scully and knowing that one day she’ll die is really keeping me from getting a cat. I just don’t want to go through animal death if I don’t have too. I’m far too sensitive for it.

Jules seems to have skipped a few years. At three, he’s already asking for a “pet called cat.” While visiting my sister, her cats wanted nothing to do with him until he was sleeping. Then, they’d try to bat his feet and cuddle next to him in bed. That would have blown his mind if he was awake. After that trip, he continued to ask for a cat.

I’d say, “but we have Scully.”
“But I want a cat!”

He wanders the house like a cat, meowing and licking the back of his hands. It’s charming, until it’s not. The pawing at my legs and meowing while I’m talking is a little distracting. Hey, just like a real cat! He also likes to watch cat shows or movies. He doesn’t really care what the storyline is if there’s a cat involved. But I can’t have him watching just any show with a cat in it.

Old-school Disney movies to the rescue!

I mentioned to Justin to look for “That Darn Cat” at the library. He had never heard of it.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder where he grew up.

Anyway, I told him all I remember was it’s about a cat and it’s funny. One day, I came home from work and Jules yelled “Mom! We’re watching Darn Cat!”

He was really excited and into it but he’d get antsy when the storyline didn’t show the cat.  For the most part, he thought it was funny. And it was a funny movie. Highly recommend it. Young Adult Hailey Mills – awkward!

So keeping with the cat theme and safe, old-school Disney movies, I’m renting him “The Cat from Outer Space.” Now this one I really remember and Justin vaguely remembers it. Some of the same characters are in both movies in addition to the two Colonials from MASH! I think I’m more excited to watch it than Jules, but who knows. If there are cats, then he’s into it.

Now if the cats drove trains, I think THAT would blow his mind.

Anyone else remember these movies?


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