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Marlo at 2 Months

Oh, sweet Marlo. You are now 2 months old and my maternity leave is coming to an end. Ok, I have two more months to spend all day with you, but still, you’re my baby! I wished I had longer when Jules was your age but I also like to be able to provide for read more »

The Kid…He’s Got the Beat

It’s been a fun summer so far! Now that Jules is older, we can take him to lots of outdoor activities, including a Drum Corps show. He loves music and always does a dance when any type is playing. We took him to our local parade and he stomped and danced when the bands went read more »

Went to DCI and All I Got Was a Gas Card

Well, I’m going to DCI but I already got the gas card. They must be really hurting in ticket sales because they were offering a few different promotions. Buy finals tickets, get a $25 gas card AND a cd of your choice (I picked 2008, thank you), free finals tickets to 2009 age-outs, and some read more »

DCI Recap

Justin, Jules and I headed to Indianapolis last weekend for DCI. It was Jules’ first flight and he did great. Our little traveler too small for his stroller. While the venue was great…for football, it wasn’t ideal for Drum Corps. We took Jules to Quarter finals. He watched the back of his eye lids for read more »


Overheard at DCI Finals

At the bar:“I want a happy ending.” followed by a butt slap. (Things I OVERHEARD. I did NOT say this.) At the show during Semi-finals. Cavaliers entering the field after a near perfect performance by Regiment:“Samurai, you’re going down!”Followed by me, Jerry Springer style, “Oooooooo!” After every good catch, the woman sitting behind me:“Yesssss!” “I read more »