Overheard at DCI Finals

At the bar:
“I want a happy ending.” followed by a butt slap. (Things I OVERHEARD. I did NOT say this.)

At the show during Semi-finals. Cavaliers entering the field after a near perfect performance by Regiment:
“Samurai, you’re going down!”
Followed by me, Jerry Springer style, “Oooooooo!”

After every good catch, the woman sitting behind me:


“And in 2nd place, with a score of 98.1…….”

“The Blue Devils!”

However, the crowd was cheering for someone else!

Phantom Regiment deserved to win this year no question. Justin and I were really glad to be there to see it happen. I don’t know what was more awesome, Regiment winning or Mike O. hugging me when they announced 2nd place. It was a momentous occasion either way. I guess he doesn’t hate me 😉 and I guess Regiment can do a Roman show and win.


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