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I got this little blue case at a shopping center in Portsmouth, England in May. I loved how cute and contained it was. It even came with (plastic) silverware! Justin’s occasionally used the silverware for Jules since it’s small and a perfect size for him. I started researching Bento lunches, boxes and accessories a few read more »

11 Months

Baby Jules, you turned eleven months in London! This month you have mastered a bunch of new skills! Motion! It really happened after you turned 10 months but it was mostly an army crawl. Now, you crawl. FOR.REALS. I feel bad when I call you like a dog, but you do follow me. It’s cute. read more »

MIxed Reviews

When you book a big trip like Justin and I did, make sure you do your homework. I researched our hotel in London weeks before I booked it. The reviews were mixed and, as we found out, with good reason. It was in a cool area of town. Everything was in walking distance, including the read more »

Part Two

We made it to London around 10am ready to go. As I expected, our room was tiny. The bathroom reminded me of my basement apartment bathroom – very small. We did the standard touristy things. Outside the National Gallery in the center of London “Big Ben kids…Parliament” Outside Westminster Abby. Theerrr’s Parliament in the background. read more »

London in Eight Days

We actually have a few days left here. I’m just waiting for Justin to get up so we can head up to Liverpool to visit the hometown of The Beatles. Internet is expensive here. Actually I just looked at my credit card bill and I spent $111.00 on 2 shirts! So I’m really watching what read more »

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello!

My twenties didn’t suck too bad. I got married, graduated college, got my first “real” job and got laid off from that “real” job. I actually had a dream last night that my old HR lady from that place came to where I work now and fired me. And for some reason I believed her read more »

I know I’m slacking but there’s a good reason!

After two weeks of craziness at work, I was finally able to relax somewhat this weekend. My mind was officially gone when I started to quote people flights from locations they weren’t at. I knew it was time to go home on Friday. I was determined NOT to think about work. (fyi: I’m planning this read more »