London in Eight Days

We actually have a few days left here. I’m just waiting for Justin to get up so we can head up to Liverpool to visit the hometown of The Beatles. Internet is expensive here. Actually I just looked at my credit card bill and I spent $111.00 on 2 shirts! So I’m really watching what I spend and if it’s something I can get at home, I don’t buy it.

London is a complete 180 from Bangkok. It’s so nice and friendly. Traffic jams are replaced with subway delays and hookers are replaced with pubs.

It’s hard to say if I’d go back to BKK. I need some time to think about it. London on the other hand, I’m totally coming back to. There is still so much we haven’t done. But so far it’s been great.

Yes, I’ve had some great Thai food, British food (guess that can be hard to believe) and we had some Lebonese food last night. Yes, I’ve taken lots of photos including photos of Justin and I in our Indian outfits. Don’t worry, we’ll post them up for all to see. On our way back from Paris Justin took a photo to show how I was feeling at the time. You’ll be able to tell which one.

Well it’s time for a traditional English breakfast. We’ll be home Tuesday night. Don’t worry work friends, we’ll be in the office Wednesday at 7am!


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