Part One

Just some of our Thailand photos:

We stopped in Tokyo for some goodies.

View from our room in Pattaya. Yes it was that hazy and humid.

Getting ready to go boating. The waves were rough and the winds were high. Oh and 3 people got sick and the boat wouldn’t start. But we made it back.

Red Bull in a medicine bottle. It cost us $.33!

Eating yummy Thai food.

Justin’s food was smoking!

Wat Po with some of the wedding party.

Adit, Paveena, and Adit’s mom Sarita at the Ring and Mehendi Ceremony. No clue what happened but it was really a greeting line. Party #1.

Henna time.

The Baraat (Indian procession to meet the Bride). Party #2. We made it to Party #3 later that night (basically a really big wedding reception) but I felt sick so we left early.

After the ceremony. Justin, Adit and I waiting to depart for the Doli (to pick Paveena up…again). Party #4 about to start.

Walking through Paveena’s neighborhood on an Elephant. All the white people have seen “When Animals Attack” so we stayed away.

Successfully picked up Paveena and Adit’s crew, including Justin, carried her to the last reception. More dinner, dancing and boozing.

See the glow? It was humid.

Justin, as he looks in his natural state.

Stay tuned for part two.


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