I realized at lunch I’m officially old

Glasses that I haven’t worn in a year.
Eye cream.
Taking NPR’s advice on a good place for lunch.

Check, check and check.

So my eyes have decided to crap out on me lately. I think they’ve said, “hey, we’re not young anymore so remember those glasses you sorta needed when we were younger? Ya we need them now”.

I’m actually thinking it’s a combination of things like the ridiculous lighting situation at work. Half the office has no lights on – think caves or basements – and the other half sit like they are on the sun. Guess which side I’m on. I should just wear my sunglasses. I might get less stares with those on instead of my glasses and hearing, “You wear glasses?” I’ll start responding with, “I do?!”

And it’s really dry here. Not good for eyes. I’m not crying (even though my work does make me want to cry all.day.long), my eyes are dying for some moisture.

Speaking of aging eyes, I’ve got wrinkles that have just decided to pop up around them! Does it all go down hill from here? Guess my years of squinting at the computer screen pretending I didn’t need glasses has caught up. I bought some eye cream and have been eagerly using every night. We’ll see if that expensive crap works.

I was in denial about my age even with the wrinkles and the need for glasses but not anymore. I realized I’m old(er) because of NPR today at lunch. I’ve listened to NPR for years. I don’t want to hear how you think I’m lame because of it – whatever, we’ve all got our lame things in our lives and now that I’m old(er) I can say stick it!

Thursday is restaurant review. We heard of a BBQ place near work. Justin wanted to go because it sounded good. I agreed. We went today and it was good. Until some older people (older than me now) walked in and was talking to the cook. All I heard was “we heard about you on NPR!”

My life is over.

Ok, just kidding! I’ve only been 30 for 2 weeks and it’s not bad at all. I can basically do what I want. I had ice cream for dinner the other night. I hear my mom and sister do that all the time. I don’t see what all the excitement is about though. It’s just ice cream. I was hungry an hour later. It was really dumb, lesson learned.

And isn’t it about lessons learned through out life?

So I’ll go on listening to NPR. I’ll keep using my sunscreen (MIL loves me for using sunscreen. I know tan fat is better than white fat but no wrinkles kicks all their asses combined.) and eye cream and I’ll get a new prescription for my glasses. I’m 30 and I like the surprised look when I tell people that. Lesson learned.

*going to get Scullers from her Cali vacation this weekend. I should have the rest of my photos up at the foell.org gallery when I get back for those who are interested.


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