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Things I Forgot From the First Time

– Even when you nursed your first kid for more than a year, you forget everything and spend the first few weeks with your boobs out all the time. It apparently takes time to remember how to nurse discretely. – You find something to obsess over that you didn’t expect. Jules: Cloth Diapers. Marlo: Non-toxic read more »

The Second Time

One day past my due date, the Doctor scheduled me for twice weekly non-stress tests, a biophysical (ultrasound) and an additional OB appointment. Because I was opting to do a water birth, they needed to make sure I was still healthy as well as the baby. This was Monday. Tuesday morning, contractions started but were read more »

39+ Weeks

I’m not looking for an eviction notice with this baby. I know better…this is the easy part even when physically it’s challenging. Like rolling over at night – it’s comical. Welcome to the absolute homestretch. Actually, my first due date was yesterday but they moved it to next week at my 20-week appointment so I read more »

The Last Few Weeks

I’ve apparently forgotten I’m having a child in the next few weeks (or, eeek, sooner!) because I keep piling projects on my plate at work. At first I told myself I just needed to get through this weekend. I’m planning an event that I requested be moved up a week since I would be full-term read more »

36 Weeks

As with anything you do a second time, time flies. Having fun? Maybe. The second pregnancy is mostly the same but it has its challenges. The obvious difference is having an almost 4 year old climbing on me when I want to nap on the couch. So last night, I let him watch 2 episodes read more »

Overnight Website Challenge, Take 2

For the second year in a row, I participated in The Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge. Basically, this is where teams of web pros gather to build awesomely, new websites for deserving non-profits, who have websites that are downright terrible in 24 hours. The difference for me this year was being 7 months pregnant. Compared to read more »

25 at 35

I turned 35 yesterday. I’m also 25 weeks along (closer to 26 weeks). Everything is going by fast. Jules is growing. This baby is growing and Justin and I are getting older. It’s more obvious in kids than adults. We tend to look the same but they go through so much change it’s amazing. What read more »