Things I Forgot From the First Time

– Even when you nursed your first kid for more than a year, you forget everything and spend the first few weeks with your boobs out all the time. It apparently takes time to remember how to nurse discretely.


– You find something to obsess over that you didn’t expect. Jules: Cloth Diapers. Marlo: Non-toxic soaps, lotions and wipes. Apparently I’m a bit crunchy when it comes to my kids.


– I forgot about really fussy evenings. Even though she’s a great baby, she gets fussy. Then I get fussy and then we’re all fussy. It’s a vicious cycle.

– Sleep when the baby sleeps. That’s hard when you have an almost 4-year-old telling you you can’t sleep during the day because it’s daytime. DUH.


– I forgot how tiny newborns really are. How curled up they stay when you cuddle them. How difficult it is to change their diaper because their legs are still curled up. How they don’t fit into anything even when it’s labeled “Newborn.” Soon enough, she’ll fit into everything and eventually outgrow everything. Until then, I’ll hold her curled up little body as long as I can.



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