Marlo at 21 Months

I think I need to begin with your words. You have a lot of them. And you pick up more almost every day. You mimic pretty much what you hear. If I say “no way!” you’ll say something if not the same thing.

Jules taught you how to say Wall-e but slow like he says it. Waaaall-Eeeee.

2015-02-04 13.31.10

Here’s a list of all your words: Mama, dadda, Jules, outside, all done, eat, wa-wa (water), bath, meow (for kitty) and ruff (for dog), shoes, socks, bow, night-night, hat, hello, bye, up, snack, car, cookie, yes, no, choo-choo, play, eyes, nose, more, cheese, ball, yo-yo (for yogurt), toast, hot, light, and bus. I’m probably forgetting one or 5 but you really talk and catch on pretty quickly.

2015-02-04 13.31.29

You must have had a growth spurt because all your 9 month clothes are too small (finally!). So now you’re in 12-18 month but still closer to 12 months. I got you some bigger socks because the 6 month ones were too small (finally!).

You got a bunch of new toys for Christmas and now some of them are in your room. You will spend some quiet time in your room playing. But it doesn’t last too long.

2014-12-25 08.49.40

We offered you cereal one morning. A regular bowl of cereal. I expected it to be a huge mess but you surprised me be carefully using your spoon and eating the whole bowl without dumping it. Then you said, “more cereal, please!” and handed us the bowl. I don’t think we tried that with Jules until he was close to 3! So now when you’re done with food you hand us the plate and yell “all done!”

You love Daniel Tiger and Curious George. You hate the 2 new molars popping up. Actually, we all hate them and how they make you crabby. But we’ve been lucky with both you and Jules. Teething has never been too much of a terrible time for you two. Just a bit crabby but not too drooly.

2015-01-10 17.34.49


Can’t believe you’ll be two soon!

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