Marlo at 20 Months

Christmas! You loved opening presents. But before we could, we had to feed you. You, Jules and dad have to eat the second you get out of bed. Totally annoying on Christmas morning, but we made it work. So to keep you occupied, we opened one of your gifts, a little people house. That kept you busy for a while!

2014-12-25 08.21.52

2014-12-25 08.23.55

2014-12-25 08.21.48

You stand more often and take many more steps, but you still prefer to scoot. It’s a slow process apparently. Dad and I have showed you how to do the stairs but you were scared of them for a while. Now you’re getting a bit more comfortable with them.

You have a routine just like we taught Jules. After eating we wash your hands and face. So now you say (and sign) “All done” then you say “wash” as you rub your hands together. You get louder and louder, sometimes screaming, until we get you. Most times you’re done before we’ve even sat down to eat!

2014-12-25 08.49.50

You do the same thing for shopping, bathing, napping, really anything you don’t want to do anymore. “ALL DONE!!”

You cut 4 (!!!) new teeth. All your canines decided to come through around Christmas time and you were miserable! With that came fevers and feeling crummy for you and then eventually Jules. Whatever it was, both of you were sad little people during the holidays.

2015-01-20 09.40.02

We’re cloth 100% of the time now. Sometimes you un-velcro your diaper so I might convert all your diapers to snaps.¬†You like to lift up your shirt and look for your belly button.

You love to get your shoes, socks, coat, hat and gloves on to go outside. Sometimes we’re just going to pick up Jules, but you get all excited. We should get out more.

My favorite thing you do right now is your random lean in for a kiss. It’s just so sweet.

Here’s to sweet, random kisses little one!

2015-01-20 09.38.08

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