Hot Tip #5: Honey!

This sweet, sticky substance is popular in my house. Justin loves it especially when I make cornbread (which is rare…not the baking part, but the baking cornbread. He eats the whole thing and I can’t have him do that!) But honey is so versatile and can be used in many different situations.

Situation #1
You have a sore throat. It hurts to talk (which could hurt some of your ego’s). With a large serving spoon in hand, pour some honey into the spoon and top it off with lemon juice. This is the hard part, swallow it without water. You can do this every few hours until your symptoms clear up. Honey can soothe your raw tissues with it’s powerful antimicrobial properties. So drink up!

Situation #2
Ugh, your skin is dry and dull looking. Or your skin is oily like the Middle East! Take one to two tablespoons of honey with 1/3 cup of oatmeal (ground). Mix and spread on your clean face. If you want it thicker, add more honey. Relax, enjoy the smells. But if it’s going to make you vomit, add some rose water to the mix. You can do this once a week. Just make sure to wash it off.

Situation #3
You’re camping. It’s great. The campfire, the cheese hotdogs, the twigs. You fall on your way to your tent and cut open your leg. Now most campers would be prepared with a little first aid kit, but if you didn’t happen to have one, take your flashlight (you brought one of those right?) and see how bad it is. Clean up your wound and pour some honey on it. This isn’t a permanent solution, but it should take care of you until you get home to clean it up. Honey will prevent things like dirt–which is all around you–from getting into the wound. Next time bring a first aid kit.

Situation #4
You are exhausted because you just finished getting your ass kicked in your spin class, right? Honey can give you a boost of energy because it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream without digestion. Amazing! Mix a tablespoonful into a glass of water and drink up. You can also do this about half and hour before your workout. So next time you’ll be kicking ass instead of an ass-kicking.

Situation #5
You’ve learned you can use honey to bake with. Congrats! But measuring it can be a problem because of its sticky-ness. Just spray a non-stick spray in your measuring cup. Problem solved.

Just a reminder for those of you with babies, never give honey to babies under 1. As great as it is, it does have botulism spores which can cause serious gastrointestinal problems and possible death. Hey, I remembered something from all those nutrition classes I took!

Now go and add honey to your life–or to your cornbread.


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