This Land is My Land…The Mountain Says So

For my 100th post I thought I’d write about something that might have us all saying “What the heck?” And I used “heck” because I’m talking about Utah, again. Not on purpose of course. I did go up there to see my sister (she’s visiting the grandparents for a week). And along the way I started looking for the landmarks. Not buildings or scenic pull-offs but the mark on the mountains.

D for Dixie in St. George
L for Leads in Leads
B for Beaver in Beaver
G always has me stumped because it’s in pleasant Grove (maybe Grove)
The big Y for BYU
U for Uni of Utah
B for Bountiful
V for Viewmont (in Bountiful)

For the longest time I thought these were property of each city they were in. It made sense until I’d look at the big V for Viewmont. That was a High School not a city. And the U is right above the University of Utah. And obviously the Y was for BYU. There was a pattern; schools that were rivalries.

During football season, if the U of U won a game, they lit it up and it blinked. Cool, but how annoying would that be for all the homeowners below it. These aren’t little letters either. Some are hundreds of feet high made out of cement.

The V for Viewmont was painted about a year after September 11th. It’s hard to tell, but it’s painted like the American Flag. I’m sure Bountiful felt the pressure after Viewmont proved their patriotism to the entire community.

But the B still isn’t painted. Perhaps the Bountiful kids were right to hold off because you can’t even see the V now unless you know where to look. I’m sure they are laughing at their friends. I’ve met these Bountiful kids, they are mean. They are like the same rich kids over at Friendswood High School. Except Friendswood didn’t have a mountain to rub it in. They had control of the Sonic.


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