10 Things About Kwandee

– Kwandee is not mentally challenged (as this photo might suggest).

– Kwandee is a fraud specialist. She can tell if you are lying.

– Kwandee eats a lot of pizza and hamburger helper. She also loves vitatops.

– Kwandee gets drunk and falls down in the bathroom.

– Kwandee is moving to Texas with her 2 dogs and her 2 horses. She should fit right in with the dogs.

– Kwandee drinks water from a sippy cup because “it’s fun”.

– Kwandee’s name apparently isn’t Kwandee. It’s Quaaaadeee.

– Kwandee has a lot of friends at work. We are jealous of her hamburger helper skinny ass.

– Kwandee doesn’t know what we have planned for her today. I hope she almost cries.

– Kwandee gave me all of her hair ties and I haven’t given them back. I guess they are mine now(except the two in the photo). Thanks Kwandee.


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