Marlo at 22 Months

You walk!!! Apparently, you’re a competitive one. Daddy took you to a birthday party where there was a room full of kids and balls. Since you love balls and there were only so many, you had to move fast to get one from the other kids. You realized scooting (as fast as you are) isn’t very fast and you started walking. That was on a Saturday. By Monday, you were fully walking. We don’t see the scoot hardly at all anymore.

2015-02-05 16.28.28

You just walk back and forth now from the kitchen to the living room to your room and back. You’re still a bit wobbly but since you had a long time scooting, you’re balance is pretty good.

So, with that, you got 2 new pairs of shoes. It was time anyway. With your last growth spurt, your size 2’s were getting a bit tight. So now you’re in size 3.

You add new words everyday. Dad and I will be talking then all of a sudden we hear you copy what we just said. One time I was out running errands with you and Jules and I offered to stop for lunch at a sandwich shop. Jules wanted Wendy’s so he started chanting “Wendy’s! Wendy’s! Wendy’s!” Then you chimed in with the same chant. Jules and I started laughing. Seriously? So cute!

2015-02-05 16.28.24

You’re friendly if someone is friendly to you. I took you out to meet a friend for lunch and you said, “Hi Guy!” to the busser every time he walked by. You like to say hi to baby’s and little kids, calling them all baby’s. You give hugs and kisses to Jules when he’s crying – even when he’s naughty and crying. You say, “Juz sad? Hug, kiss?” But you just lean in for him to do all the work.

Your hair is finally long enough to put in pig tails. Which you then pull out. We’re still getting used to doing your hair. Although, you allow bows and will ask for them. Dad can only do bows. We’ll have to teach him how to do a ponytail or pigtail.


2015-03-05 09.10.42

2015-03-05 09.10.40

Outside is your favorite place right now. It’s starting to warm up a bit so we’re spending more time outside. Honestly, I don’t want to be outside but you and Jules do so I put a hoodie on and hang out on the front step, watching you and Jules run around in the yard. Since we live in a cul de sac you do go out into the road, following Jules. But we’re trying to teach you not to go into the road. It’s not really working.

2015-03-02 12.46.09

Here’s to 22 months little miss independent!


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