Most Extreme Humiliation

They say in a marriage you have to laugh. Well that’s easy for me since I laugh at everything I see. People slipping on iced sidewalks, the dog falling down the stairs, stupid drivers turning down a one way street…the wrong way. Laughing is part of who I am. And Justin making me laugh is part of who he is.

But sometimes it’s just easier to laugh at others, especially when they are being humiliated on cable t.v.

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, or MXC as we call it, is basically a real life version of Super Mario Brothers. Or at least that’s how Justin and I describe it. It has obstacle courses with zany stunts that most of the participants can’t finish. They usually land in sludge, water or nets. Or they just slip on their asses or get hit in the head. No matter what, it’s hilarious.

Based in Japan during the mid to late 80’s, Takeshi’s Castle was a popular game show/reality show that featured ordinary Japanese citizens who’s mission was to complete the various physical stunts. Stunts like Sinkers and Floaters,Wall Bangers, Rotating Surf Board of Death, Ball Busters (Justin’s favorite), Dope on a Rope and Log Drop (my favorite).

Obviously the stunt names are not the real names in the show since it’s dubbed in English with crazy and possibly fake story lines. They make up names of contestants like Babaganoosh (a different baba in every episode), 59 cent, Danny Glands and Ryan Seachest.

The laugh factor is the stunts themselves. The contestants try and most fail. They fall in unusual positions. Most look like they get hurt, but they get up and walk away. They get hit in the head or other areas that you know hurt. They hang on for dear life and yet they still fall. Some make it amazingly and we are amazed. And the best part of this is they are only wearing helmets. And most of the time they come off! Obviously this type of standard would not be allowed in the U.S. because our nature to sue if we get hurt. But these people are there for whatever prize they are seeking. It could be the prize of humiliation because I’m still laughing at the guy who tried to do a back flip but didn’t quite make it…he landed on his head.

Justin and I watch MXC every day and we laugh every day. Even when you don’t want to, you do. Laughing is the best medicine for everything. And I thinks it’s probably safer than landing on your head.


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