39+ Weeks

I’m not looking for an eviction notice with this baby. I know better…this is the easy part even when physically it’s challenging. Like rolling over at night – it’s comical.

Welcome to the absolute homestretch. Actually, my first due date was yesterday but they moved it to next week at my 20-week appointment so I can really go anytime. I thought the way I was progressing I’d be done sooner than later, but alas, I’m still here. Since Jules was basically right on time, I’m anticipating going past the due date with this one. And I’m fine with that!

We’re doing things a little differently with the birth of this one. Nothing drastic. I’ll still deliver at the same hospital as Jules but they’ve revamped their procedures to allow for more natural birth even if you’re plug in with IV’s and anything synthetic. They are basically becoming more of an actual birth center than a hospital. AND one of my Doctors will deliver. Phew!

Jules is still excited. He thinks it’s a girl and that we’ll name her Wilson Robert. While I think his world is about to turn upside down, overall he’ll be fine. It helps that he’s older. I couldn’t imagine doing this again with him 2 years or younger.

And for the end-of-the-road belly shot:


Weight gain is normal but it’s all in my face!

Or is it?


As my mother-in-law once said while pregnant with Jules, “She’s all boobs and belly.”


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