25 at 35

I turned 35 yesterday. I’m also 25 weeks along (closer to 26 weeks). Everything is going by fast. Jules is growing. This baby is growing and Justin and I are getting older. It’s more obvious in kids than adults. We tend to look the same but they go through so much change it’s amazing.

25 weeks
What a painful looking smile. That’s what happens when I try to take a self-portrait. It’s harder than it appears. This was after eating dinner. Mine and Jules’ – so take that into account when you compare it to the photo below.

@ 24 weeks with Jules:

24 Weeks Baby!
Remember that gem of a photo? Yeah I still owe my blog a final tour of the house. By now, most of you have been here to witness all the completed projects. But with a new baby comes a new list of projects!! On the list is a 3 room change (basically we’re all changing rooms) and a bathroom remodel. That’s the best time to remodel, when you’re pregnant, right?

I’m sure my boobs are bigger this time around, they barely fit in my sweater! But other than that, I think the belly looks pretty much the same. I’m quickly finding out that the second time around doesn’t consume your life like the first time does. Sure I think about it and the baby but documenting it like I did before and remembering not to eat a sandwich from Jimmy John’s* isn’t on the forefront of my mind.

But it really is on my mind. A lot. People say going from one to two is difficult. I can see how that can be, but I also think it really depends on the kids and their age gap. Jules will basically be 4 when this one comes around. He’s mostly independent when he needs to be but still very much our baby and we give him all of our attention. I think that will be the hardest part for the whole family.

So I do my best and try to remember that this is the easy part of having kids. Once they are here it’s a whole new ballgame, but I’m not a rookie this time around.

*Veggie sammich FTW!

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