11 Months

Baby Jules, you turned eleven months in London! This month you have mastered a bunch of new skills!

Motion! It really happened after you turned 10 months but it was mostly an army crawl. Now, you crawl. FOR.REALS. I feel bad when I call you like a dog, but you do follow me. It’s cute.

It can turn dangerous quickly because we have yet to baby proof the house and we need a baby gate STAT! So we just watch you closely and have you follow us into common places like the living room and kitchen.

(Hotel room in Brussels where you had a great time eating too many waffles and fries)

As fast as crawling came, pulling up came just a few days later. You now pull up to the couch, our legs, tables, and anything else that you can grab. It’s fun to see things from a higher perspective. I like to do it sometimes too. One night, I put you to bed and you played for a few minutes, then started to scream. You like to yell but this was different, so I went in your room and there you were. STANDING UP! You looked so proud and so cute. We quickly learned it’s time to lower your mattress.

You love to eat and prefer to eat whatever we’re having. No more baby food! Ha! Or so you thought. We still give you baby food-from our spoon/fork. So you’re still part of the meal, just eating your own food. I’m sorry for the trickery.

(nom nom Speculoos cookies)

Things you love:
A new love for binkies (oh, boy enjoy them now because they are going bye-bye when we get home)
Bath time
screaming with excitement
opening doors or anything that you can open
Standing in your crib
pulling my hair
knocking on the door
being outside
tickled behind your neck
taking medicine

Things you don’t like:
being told “no”
me walking out of a room
messing with your sleep schedule
jet lag

I’m sure the list is longer, but you really are a good boy who loves everything!

You recently took your first bike ride through Brussels and you loved it! Guess what you’ll be doing this summer with dad (wearing a helmet of course).

We think your first word is either “da-da” or “dog-gie” but you do throw “mama” in every once in a while. You also learned how to clap. And when I say “yea!” you immediately clap. You also clap when you see something you like. You must like everything because you clap all the time.

Happy 11 months baby Jules!

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