I got this little blue case at a shopping center in Portsmouth, England in May. I loved how cute and contained it was. It even came with (plastic) silverware! Justin’s occasionally used the silverware for Jules since it’s small and a perfect size for him.

I started researching Bento lunches, boxes and accessories a few weeks ago. It’s pretty simple to do and to get started you don’t have to have a cute little box. A simple leftover container will work too. But, really, it’s all about presentation! And kids, who wouldn’t want to eat something that’s a cute heart, star or flower?

My simple Bento. Ranch roll-ups, carrots and hummus (in the little container). Luckily, the divider is removable so I was able to fit everything just right and tight.

It looked like this when I opened it up 4 hours later. But I think I broke a rule…or didn’t follow a simple rule of Bento making – make it look good. It’s pretty bland looking. So for my next one, I’ll try to make it more colorful.

If you’re interested in making your lunch neat, tidy and cute, here are a few resources I found:

A flickr pool with meal ideas

Just Bento is a great resource for everything Bento’s

Laptop Lunches

Fun Bento’s for kids

And just for fun:

Star Wars Bento

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