14 Months

As I write this, Jules is closer to 15 months, (and closer to falling off the couch as I type) but I figured I should write up his 14 month post anyway.

All of a sudden, you’re a toddler! We left you with Grandma a few weeks back, headed to DCI and you showed her your walking skills. She was so happy to be here during a big milestone. You get better everyday with all the practicing you do. Many times I’ll be in the kitchen and you’ll just wander in, wobbly with one arm out Frankenstein-like. I know one day you’ll run full speed around the house and I know I’ll be wishing you were still the little baby who waited forever to crawl, but I’ll be so proud of how far you’ve come.

You LOVE stuffed animals. Any kind, any size. You want them all in your crib even though you throw them out. You point to them (hey, you point now!!) when we walk in because you want us to put them back in your crib for the next time you go to sleep. We love how sweet you are to all stuffed animals.

With all of the growing, you’re also testing your limits (to the extreme that a one-year-old can). You throw little tantrums when you don’t get your way. It’s really funny when you pretend to hit yourself knowing you’re being naughty. Most of the time when you don’t get your way, we just redirect you to something else and it works. Sometimes, but you can really turn on the tears of injustice.

We’re also working with a “no hitting rule” since you go around swatting at Scully. She doesn’t like it and my face doesn’t like your swatting too.

When it involves me and Scully, it usually goes like this:

Me: “Baby Jules, NO HITTING!” (grab your hand away from Scully)
Baby Jules: AHHHHHH (swat MOM’s face fast and furiously)

Me: trying to grab a hand moving at light-speed. “Stop!”

Justin: Laughing

You say: Dada, doggie, duck, nana (banana), and sometimes mama.
Signs you know: Bath, eat/food, all done, milk, more, bye.

You like:
-music and you dance to it
-cars! but really, anything with wheels
-my cell phone
-our laptops
-airplanes in the sky
-climbing on our bed and playing
-feeding Scully from your tray

14 months, what a big boy!


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