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I know I’m late posting a 14 month update on baby Jules. We were out of town and I’ve been busy. He’s doing so much, he really needs a monthly update. Coming soon, friends 🙂

On Friday, I happened to see a show call What Would You Do? on ABC. Basically, what would you do in certain situations like if you saw a dog in a hot car, or a child crying on a busy sidewalk, or a baby left alone in a hot car.

I would like to think that people would get involved, but sadly, the majority of people just walked by not paying attention or completely ignoring the situation.

Really? You’d walk by someone laying in the middle of the street, like they were hurt or dead?

My office overlooks a really busy street. People park and run into the post office or court house all the time. Most of the time they don’t bother paying the meter because they think they’ll be quick.

And I laugh because the second the people walk away from their car, the parking enforcement rolls up and writes them a ticket. Bang. $40 parking ticket.

Ask me how I know how much it is. Or, better yet, ask Justin.


As I often do, I looked out the window to daydream when a woman with BRIGHT BLONDE HAIR holding what I thought, was a little baby walked up to her car, got in on the drivers side, put the baby in the passengers seat and pulled up to the next open spot (my only guess was that the next meter worked or still had time on it?).

She got out of the car, walked around to the passenger side, took out a TODDLER and walked away.

She left the baby!! I panicked! I couldn’t see in the car really well. I started to think, “Maybe there’s an adult in the car?” But I really couldn’t see anything to confirm.

I couldn’t sit there knowing that they *may* be an infant sitting in a hot car. So, I went around to other offices and looked out the windows to see if I could get a better look. But I still couldn’t confirm.

A co-worker had binoculars (don’t ask why) and I still couldn’t see.

So I headed out to the street. I crossed and started towards the car. Before I got to it, I looked behind me and the lady was coming, with the toddler. So I casually walked close to her car and peeked in.

Guess what?

There wasn’t a baby in the car.

But, guess what else?

I felt so relieved that I was wrong!

(Guess what, you probably won’t hear me say that again.)

Seriously, I felt better knowing I went down there to check. I thought he was a baby by the way she was holding him, but the toddler was wearing the same blue striped shirt I thought the baby was wearing.

I know it’s cliche, but better safe than sorry.

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