You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello!

My twenties didn’t suck too bad. I got married, graduated college, got my first “real” job and got laid off from that “real” job. I actually had a dream last night that my old HR lady from that place came to where I work now and fired me. And for some reason I believed her except she didn’t give me a box like everyone else got last week.

We had a lay-off day last week. I knew I was on the chopping block. Once I saw the girl next to me was gone, I grabbed my personal file and a few other things and just waited.

Then I got the notice; “Can you come into my office?” I didn’t want to go in there empty handed so I grabbed a notepad (always ready for notes) and a pen and smiled my way to that office. I figured if it was going to happen it’ll be a big relief. Then I remembered I have the BIGGEST vacation of my life coming up and having no money would be bad. (We’ve saved up plenty…don’t worry.)

I walked in and sat down. “Shut the door.” Oh crap. This means business. But before he started talking I realized something: A)If I was going to be let go, it wouldn’t be by him. 2)there was no one else in his office (i.e. my BOSS). So I was eager to hear what he had to say.

I’m not laid off. I got a job. Surprised and somewhat sad who they let go, but I was excited to finally have a job description. What a huge relief.

Speaking of the BIGGEST vacation of my young life…I was asked the other day at lunch if Justin and I get really excited before a big trip. I said yes and no. Yes for obvious reason. No for stupid reasons. Gotta get Scully taken care of, gotta get all my travel documents and shots. What to take (dress for 2 climates!), what kind of outlet thingies do I need? Oh and the biggest, flying over water for oh, 12+ hours, multiple times. So I’m stressing over that. Justin just says “if we’re going to die, we’ll die together.” So reassuring.

But I just have to look at the big picture. Planes fly all the time and nothing happens. It’s just a really long flight and I need to get over that. So I’m thinking about all the things I’ll be doing mostly in London. Bangkok will be exciting but that time will be taken up with wedding events. But I would like to go fabric shopping in BKK. Imagine all the fabric! Same thing in London. Fabric stores everywhere!

Here’s an inside of what we’ll be doing:
Fly to BKK
Spend time in Pattaya
Wedding in BKK
Fly to London
Go to Paris (Chunnel), Liverpool and Bath
Take the Magical Mystery Tour, visit the BBC (totally dorky but I LOVE the BBC) and Stonehenge and all the other touristy things in London (too many to list!)
Fly home

Done. 2 1/2 weeks of adventures to cover us for at least 2 years. I’d say that’s a good way to say goodbye to my twenties and hello thirties.

Oh sh**. I think I’ll go cry now.

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