Speaking of Adit’s Wedding

I was talking to Justin yesterday about Adit. He’s good about sending emails saying “you need to do this and that, blah blah.” But when you ask a question, the answers are somewhat cryptic. As a Groom I feel he should have all questions sent to his best man for answering since he’s probably busy planning an overseas wedding and all. But that’s just my opinion. He gave us a run down of the wedding events and this is what it looks like:

– Wednesday, 2008 7:30 P.M Ring and Chunni Ceremony followed by Dinner and

– Thursday, 2008 Departure of Barat & Serhar
Bandi: 5:00 p.m Sharp& Will Proceed to the Hotel until 2:00 am

– Friday, 2008 Anand Karaj 11:30 a.m (Ceremony)Lunch 12:30 P.M at Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha Proceed to Indian Party House for Dinner and Doli 7:30 P.M

Confused? Me too. But I was glad to receive that bit of information so I started doing searches. But what to search on? OK, the ceremony first. What not to wear. Apparently clubbing clothes aren’t acceptable – darn, I was hopping to sport my tube top. Actually, since it’s a religious ceremony, church clothes are called for. Who would have known. And I get to wear a head scarf and NO shoes! I’m totally down with no shoes. I love it already!

More research lead me to read it being acceptable wearing traditional clothes. And it’s not just Sari’s my friends. There are many choices here but would it really be acceptable by my friend’s family?

I asked the groom. Cryptic answer came, “Call my mom.” Justin said, “We spent 6 years at each others houses, she knows me so she’ll know you.”

And with so many events, what is the dress code to each? We have no idea. So I placed a call to the Grooms mom. Of course she did know me and she answered all my questions.

Semi-formal, Formal, church clothes, semi-formal. The best part, she seemed really excited when I said I’d like to dress accordingly to the ceremony (in a Salwar Kameez). So, I’ve picked one out – special ordered from India.

We only know semi-formal. See below.

Lets hope we look better formal.


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