DCI Recap

Justin, Jules and I headed to Indianapolis last weekend for DCI. It was Jules’ first flight and he did great.

Our little traveler too small for his stroller.

While the venue was great…for football, it wasn’t ideal for Drum Corps. We took Jules to Quarter finals. He watched the back of his eye lids for most of it, but when he was awake, he was mesmerized.

Not so much with Blue Devils, though.

Jules says, “Blue Devils, Meh.”

– Not a great venue but 100% loved climate control and comfy seats.
– Troopers made it to finals after 23 years
– Top 12 shows were all entertaining (or partially entertaining)
– Regiment went from 1st last year to 9th this year. Yikes

Next year, Jules will stay home if we decide to go. But I’m sure this won’t be the last show he’ll see.


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