Another Birth…Sort of

I’ve been blogging for a while now (almost 5 years?) and while my blog has generally been about me and the mundane things of my life – you know, things like moving, new jobs, running a marathon, having a baby (who won’t sleep at the moment) – I feel it’s been hard for me to keep you, my readers interested when the subject matter is all over the place. And I’d like to generate new readers from the blog-o-sphere (ha! Justin loves it when I jokingly use that word).

With that said, I decided to start up another website with a specific purpose.

How the heck did I get such an awesome domain name? John Hawkins and his impulse to buy awesome domain names even when he has no intention of using them…right away.

Since I had been posting my recent deals from CVS and other stores, John offered me and I accepted his offer. And while I enjoy finding great coupons, I really enjoy finding the best deal, even if a coupon isn’t involved.

At, you’ll find coupons and how to maximize them, generally awesome deals (with or without coupons), freebies, and ways to keep more cash in your pocket.

The site is still a work in progress but I have posted some deals that expire today (school supplies!), so head over, take a look, let me know what you think.

Jessi will still be my go-to place when I need to vent or just share cute pictures of my boy. Who, by the way, is really cute and loves to laugh and smile.

But this is him at the moment –!

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