Went to DCI and All I Got Was a Gas Card

Well, I’m going to DCI but I already got the gas card. They must be really hurting in ticket sales because they were offering a few different promotions. Buy finals tickets, get a $25 gas card AND a cd of your choice (I picked 2008, thank you), free finals tickets to 2009 age-outs, and some promotion with Hard Rock Cafe.

I didn’t have a hard time getting finals tickets (except if you call using ticketmaster hard, then YES, IT WAS HARD) or finding a hotel about 3 weeks before the show. Normally, if we don’t book 3 months in advance, good luck finding something. This year, we are across the street from the stadium.


We don’t have tickets to Quarterfinals and Semi’s yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be hard getting good seats.

This will be our first time away from Jules for more than a few hours. He’ll be home with Grandma getting away with being cute and possibly taking his first unassisted steps. Actually, he started doing it 2 days ago but I’m hoping he doesn’t master it while we’re gone. I’m not ready for him to grow up while we’re away.

Oh, right, he’s teething too. So maybe us leaving him with Grandmas won’t be a bad thing.

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