Summer Recap

Where has the summer gone? It’s August and we’re trying to take advantage of Minnesota and its warm temps. So we’ve been outside as much as possible. I’ve got a bunch of new freckles, wrinkles, and a baby who loves water after finishing swim lessons.

We had a family reunion where Justin and I let our baby fall face first on various outdoor equipment, multiple times.

(oh, ya, I have a youtube account. And while I’m not vlogging, I am posting videos. Justin hates the word “vlogging” “vlogger” and anything like that. Got any suggestions?)

We’ve also been biking a lot. Well, more like Justin and Jules. I just bike to swim lessons and easy trail rides. I don’t like a sore bum.

We swim as much as we can. It helps when your bro-in-law has a pool at his new house. I feel bad inviting ourselves over, but nine times out of ten, they are in the pool too, so it’s a good bet we aren’t interfering too much.

And now that it’s August, DCI is in two weeks and we decided to go. Not looking forward to a 10 hour drive, BUT it beats spending $800 on plane tickets.

And of course, the highlight of summer is the State Fair. Remember, open invite. Stay at my house. Come with us. But you might want to go on a diet now because you’ll probably gain a few pounds in one day. Sounds like fun!


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