Marlo at 2 Months


Oh, sweet Marlo. You are now 2 months old and my maternity leave is coming to an end. Ok, I have two more months to spend all day with you, but still, you’re my baby! I wished I had longer when Jules was your age but I also like to be able to provide for you and your brother, so work I must.DSC_0480

You were a noisy sleeper the first couple weeks, but now, you are so quiet I actually fall asleep when I put you back in bed after a middle-of-the-night feeding. Right now, you eat once or twice in the night depending on when you went to bed. Just like Jules, you know it’s time to sleep when we swaddle you. You struggle with sleep and get really fussy when it’s time, but when we swaddle you, it’s comforting enough and you’re out.


Another big milestone for you this past month was SMILING! You smile all the time now. Jules will say “Hi” and you smile. Daddy will talk to you about a dirty diaper and you smile at him. When I get you first thing in the morning, you obviously missed me because you have such a huge smile on your face. It’s the sweetest, heart-melting smile even when I’m bleary eyed.


I take you to a moms group on Monday’s where I chat with other moms, but most importantly, I get to weigh you. Since you were so little at birth (6 pounds), I like to know how you’re growing. For comparison: Jules weighed 8 pounds at 2 weeks. You weighed 8 pounds at 8 weeks! And I thought he was a little baby! You’re very petite. About 2 weeks ago, you finally fit in all of your newborn sized clothes. I have a feeling you’ll get good use out of clothes most babies out grow in a couple weeks.


I love that you’re petite but other people feel the need to comment. Mostly, it’s “Oh, she’s so tiny!” But then I hear whispers, “Oh, she’s so tiny.” Like I’m doing something wrong and you’re not growing well. But you are! You’ve grown in length and in weight. You’re just petite! Jules was a tank and I didn’t realize it at the time. (Looking back at his chart, by the second month, he was 12 pounds, 75% for weight.)


We took you on your second trip. This time a quick drive out to Salt Lake City to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. You also got to meet all of my cousins (and their kids) and be loved on by Grandma Marsh and Aunt Heather who were also in town visiting. Scully even made the trip too!

We’ve been rocking cloth diapers since about 2 weeks. I bought some pre-folds and two covers and they were too big for a while.

2 weeks old

But now they fit perfectly! You also wear BumGenius and a disposable at night. I think we’ll start using the BG’s all night very soon. You had diaper rash the first couple weeks and naturally, it went away after the first full day of cloth diapers.

And of course, you went to your first drum corps show. We took your picture with Madison Scouts. We’ll get your picture with Regiment next week. You’re the perfect spectator.


Happy two months, sweet cheeks.

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