31 Days of Organizing

Since I took the whole summer off for maternity leave and I’ve blown through 2 of the 4 months so far, I came up with an idea to show for my time off (besides tending to a newborn). For the month of July, I’m doing 31 Days of Organizing. So exciting, I know.

Since I didn’t really “nest” before Marlo came (I just cooked and baked a lot), the urge to purge and organize is great. But I don’t want to burn out because I’m still so tired! So, I’m tackling one – or more – area at a time so by the end of July, I should have a mostly organized house. Here’s my list in no particular order:

1. Linen Closet
2. Bathroom cupboards
3. Bathroom drawers
4. Pots and Pans
5. Tupperware
6. Pantry – Done!
7. Junk Mail
8. Movies
9. CD’s
10. Jules’ Closet – Done! Although, he’s since pulled stuff out.
11. Jules’ Drawers – Done!
12. Hall Closet
13. Shoes
14. Fabric
15. Sewing Area
16. Book Shelf
17. My Clothing Drawers
18. My Nightstand
19. Family Room
20. Side Table in Living Room
21. Baby Clothes in Buckets
22. Craft Supplies

Notice how there aren’t 31 items? I’ve built in a buffer for days when I’m *really* tired. Some areas are big, others are really small. Like the side table in our living room. For some reason, it just collects dumb things that I don’t put away (like a coupon book, a random paid bill and a Leapster cable).

The big projects are the sewing area and baby clothes in the buckets. I’ll have to set aside a couple hours to get those done. I’m hoping this will get me into the groove of tackling fun projects like this one or this one.

So, come back often as I’ll update my progress. And just for fun, here are some EMBARRASSING before pictures!


The Linen Closet – notice no linen? No room!


Side table in our living room. See, dumb, dumb stuff. This should take me 2 minutes!

And last and the most embarrassing, my nightstand:


Random meds, empty kleenex box, and tons of cables. I didn’t even take a picture of the drawers! They are getting cleaned out too so this will take longer than the 2 minute side table.

Catch you on the flip side!

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