Four Years With Jules

Nothing like having a new baby to make your first baby seem like such a big kid. It probably doesn’t help that he turned four just a month after the new baby. So far, four years has been…different.


Jules is still into trains but he’s branching out into legos, building blocks, riding bikes, trucks and any box that these things come in. I put a few of the empty boxes in the recycling and he pulled them out. The trash collector won’t let me toss them.


What he likes to play with hasn’t changed much, but what he does and says has changed. He’s more sassy, more demanding, less cooperative at times but he also says some very funny things, is very, very sweet to Marlo (and actually all babies) and has good manners – about 90% of the time. ex: “Please may you get me a drink?” “Do you mind if I go outside?”

Jules’ sensitivity is growing. He’s still concerned with tornados and the sirens. He gets very sad about leaving people he loves (Grandma and Aunt Heather, most recently). But when he’s excited over something he’s REALLY excited. It could be something as simple as a new t-shirt. He’ll usually say, “Oh thank you for the new shirt! I love it!”

Photo by Neha Photography

People say two is hard and if two wasn’t hard, age three will be. I can honestly say neither age was hard. Let’s hope he’s on a streak because he really is a great, loving kid.

Happy 4th Birthday Big Boy Jules!



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