What Buyers Aren’t Looking For

We are still looking for a house. It’s very frustrating for numerous reasons but, what really ticks me off are the descriptions and photos online.

(in all caps of course)
“Adorable paint!”
Seriously? Paint is adorable? It’s just a color. Sometimes the choice of color is NICE, but never adorable. Adults shouldn’t try to sell something to another adult using the word “adorable”.

“Subject to bank approval!”
Ok, why is there an exclamation point on something that can take 2 months? Wow! Really? I need the banks approval??!? No way!! I understand that since the bank now owns the house, that they are quick to respond. Not in ANY of my cases; I’ve been waiting for banks since June. You don’t see any exclamation points here.

A 660 sq. foot house, 1 bedroom, 1 bath
(again with the caps)
“Great for a small family…” Do you mean little people or a single person with a dog or cat? What small family wants a 1 bedroom house, when at this price range, can get way more square footage with additional bedrooms? They should fire their listing agent.

With all these great descriptions, let’s take a look at their quality photos.

Ok, if the place was clean, this shot wouldn’t be too bad. A view into the kitchen and then the other hall. This looks like it could be the living room. But if you look closlier, I think it’s someone’s bedroom. Notice legs on the bed to the right and all the bags of clothes on the left. I don’t need a bedroom attached to the kitchen. Thanks, but no thanks.

What the heck is this? I’m going to assume it’s a room maybe for Hansel and Gretel. I could have used another angle of the kitchen or a shot from the kitchen to the living room or something else! What a waste.

Remember the 1 bedroom house? This must be where the rest of the “small” family can sleep because doesn’t that look comfy? Why am I looking at the couch? Why am I not looking at the whole room maybe from the doorway? I know the decorations are eye catching (like the rest of the house), but I want to experience the whole room and all it’s hideous glory!

And the winner of worst quality AND most pointless photo:

So please, listing agents, work on your descriptions and take a photo class. I want to buy a house. I need to buy a house. But you’re making it difficult.


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